Hi, i'm Leviathan!!

...and this is my website!

Mostly just made because I just wanted a landing page for my domain, taking a lot of inspiration from some past project built for some server management thing that didn't really develop, mixed with some inspiration from another website I made as a main page and then promptly just ignored for the rest of it's existance, I made this. It's not the greatest thing ever, but I'd say I did pretty well with it. It's hosted on netlify (for now) but eventually I'll get a proper server and host everything with that. :3

This page mostly just holds all of my interests and projects, most recently being this website on 4/7/2024. I'm not very experienced, I just do this all for myself. About actually learning HTML: It was partly just me cruising through my tech class. Believe it or not, I actually learned... something! Later on, I made my first website on October 2021, alongside my Neocities site, formerly named "morrowseer". (don't call me that btw) I made more and more updates and variations of the page, having to remake it in 2022 or so. I then made new pages, including the one that was just a Firefox recreation in-site! I'm done with rambling, so thanks for reading, I guess ;-;